Monday, December 2, 2013

Second Annual Edition of 24 Days of Joy!

Last year I inaugurated 24 Days of Joy: A Countdown to Christmas in an effort to be intentional about how we spent our days leading up to Christmas. I didn't want to find myself maniacally wrapping presents on Christmas Eve as it dawned on me that I hadn't done half of what I'd hoped to do with the kids.

Don't get me wrong - this isn't a plan to see how many crazy activities we can shove into a few short weeks. It's actually the opposite; I want to see how many crazy activities I can keep from coming near my calendar so that I have time to do meaningful things at home with my kids.

We're going to have a lot of joyful repeats from last year, and I've got some fun new things up my sleeve as well. Check back each day for an update, and steal any and all of these ideas to do with your own family. Let's settle in and welcome this season of hope with joy and anticipation. The King is coming!

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