Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 4: Christmas Cutouts & A Reality Check

So here we are on Day 4, and I'm already behind. It's been crazy town around here. This is the first year we've ever traveled on Thanksgiving, and I forgot that I usually spend most of Friday, all of Saturday, and all of Sunday decorating the house, planning fun activities for the family, and fa-la-la-la-la-ing about. This year, that time was spent driving to and from another state, unpacking, washing clothes, and getting unsettled kids settled back in. Christmas is 20 days away and we don't even have our tree up.

And you know what I'm telling myself this year? That's okay. The point isn't perfection, it's purpose. I am purposing to focus my heart on the real joy of this season, and on trying my best to keep my family's focus on that as well. If the candles don't illuminate our windows until Dec. 24th, I am going to be okay with that. If the wreaths are still on the basement floor three days before Christmas, so be it. We've spent time this week reading about Emmanuel, the God that is with us, and you just can't reflect on that truth without joy creeping in. We sing together in the afternoons, and we sing together at night, and the house is never clean, and there are rotting pumpkins and dead mums on our porch. Purpose. Not perfection.

I'd planned on making Christmas cinnamon rolls with the kids today, adding flour and yeast and letting the dough rise slowly, rolling it out flat and smearing it with butter and brown sugar. They were all going to help, and memories would be made, and the pictures would be so cute.

Reality check - I don't have time today. Other things have to get done instead. So I grabbed packaged sugar cookie mix at Wegman's and we threw in a couple of eggs and some butter. We cut out bells and snowmen and frosted them with colored icing, and it was all done in about thirty minutes, and I didn't get a single picture.

Praise God for Betty Crocker, and for the fact that I'm lightening up. Happy Day 4, friends!

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