Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 7: Fairport Light-Up Night

One thing I love about living in western New York is what the locals call the "village lifestyle." Each little town - and there are a lot of them - still has a main street that is a vibrant, active community of unique little shops, a town hall, a library, a fire station, and adorable little houses (and gorgeous big ones). The Village of Fairport is only about five or ten minutes from us, so we have quaint in spades these days. There is an annual light-up night to light the big town Christmas tree, sing Christmas carols, and introduce Santa and his elves in the little house they invite all the kiddos to.

 There's cookies and hot chocolate and horse-drawn wagon rides around the village, and general merriment abounds.

We were all so excited about it - our very first village light-up night! - until I realized that Chloe and I were still going to be in Pittsburgh for our Nutcracker trip. We did our very best to make it back, but we missed most of it. Santa was gone, only cookie crumbs were left, and the horses were leaving the curb after their last ride as we raced into town.

It was a bummer, and we won't miss it next year. But the kids were good sports, we had fun looking around, and we went home to decorate our Christmas tree. Purpose, not perfection.

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