Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 12: Santa in the Square

New tradition this year! We visited Santa in the square in the village. We're not a huge "Santa" family and don't spend a lot of time talking him up and creating elaborate schemes to make the kids believe in him, but we've always made it a special tradition to go and visit him each year. The kids really loved the new Fairport Santa.

Highlights this year included Sam asking Santa for handsoap and shower soap and Charlie cooperating like a champ so that he could have a cookie. I was actually a little alarmed at his complete comfort being plopped in the lap of a strange man in a bizarre outfit as long as he got food for it... I guess that's a concern for another day.

The kids all got hot cocoa and candy, and because it was a downright balmy 40 degrees, they took the opportunity to run around and have fun in the dark.

Chloe wasn't sure she wanted to get within ten feet of Mr. Clause this year. I think she thought the whole idea was a little silly, to be honest, and I didn't push her. But as we lingered over hot chocolate in the gazebo and watched the boys race around, she changed her mind and walked back over by herself and got in line. I'm biased... but I think that Fairport Santa thought she was the sweetest thing for coming back and asking in her little voice if she could have a picture with him after all.

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