Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 9: Gingerbread Architects!

We celebrated our last week before Christmas at Classical Conversations with a pizza and gingerbread house building party. It was brilliant! The kids enjoyed all the fun of making sticky, candy-coated houses, and the mess was not in my kitchen - hurray!! 

The older they get, the more fun this is. This year we built our house the night before, and I would highly recommend this. The icing had plenty of time to dry, so there was no risk of structural damage as we decorated the next day. 

Plus, it's nice to break things up a bit. If you don't have uber-crafty kids who love to sit at the table and create for several hours, the make-ahead house is a great idea. No one got bored or frustrated this year. 

This is what Charlie spent his time doing:

When our candy was gone, he charmed the friends at nearby tables into giving him their spare gummy bears and runts. That's my boy!

Here's Chloe with one of her new CC besties:

And one last shot of the kids with some sweet friends. 

Okay, time to close out this post. The fam is waiting to do our Advent devotional. Or, as Charlie calls it, "Read God and eat chocolate." Peace!

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