Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rainy Day at the Farm

We spent Saturday at what my sister affectionately calls "the Farm," their property about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh. They don't actually have animals, nor crops, nor tractors, nor barns, but they're surrounded by them so they adopted the name. We had two special boys to celebrate. Last year my darling nephew and the resident baby of our family, Benjamin David, was born on Charlie's birthday. My sis and I think it's pretty special that out of all 365 days in a year, God ordained that our baby boys would both be born on June 6th. As such, we have years of joyful family celebrations to look forward to now as the rainy Pittsburgh spring gives way to summer and our boys blow out ever more candles on their cakes.

                          There's a whole lotta love among these brothers, sisters, and cousins.

It poured all day but that did not stop our fun!

Sweet Baby Ben...

Happy First Birthday sweet boy!

Our favorite superhero blew out four candles! We love him so.

The best way to get anywhere? The back of Uncle Paul's pickup.