Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 3: Why Christmas?

24Days of Joy!

A Countdown to Christmas
This year for our Advent reading we are trying something different with our kids. Traditionally we've read through the second chapter of Luke, spending most of the time reminding the boys to sit still and listen. This year we're finally ready for something meatier. Our pastor's mom wrote a family devotional called "Why Christmas?" and we were blessed to receive a copy this year, so we've been reading it each night with the kids, and it has been wonderful. Daddy reads the scripture, and then I usually read the application. The kids answer some questions and we end each night singing one of the Christmas carols recommended in the book. I thought that part would be super corny, I'll be honest, but there has been something so sweet about sitting with the kids in their jammies each night, singing Silent Night or Joy to the World. Daddy is always off key, Max is usually rolling across the floor by then, Sam is making his animals do the singing, and Chloe is pouring her heart out with each verse... I hope the kids will look back on these nights before Christmas with as much fondness as I will.

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