Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 5: Special Books

24 Days of Joy!

A Countdown to Christmas

Today I got out a few books I had tucked away last year when we packed up our Christmas things. My mom had bought each of the kids a really nice hardback book for Christmas last year, and I had the sinking suspicion that they would get ruined if I just shoved them on the bookshelf in the playroom to be leafed through all year. I tucked them together in the back of a closet and pulled them out today. The kids had completely forgotten about them and we had so much fun reading them together this afternoon.

After Charlie went down for his nap I came downstairs with the books. The kids looked at me expectantly, knowing that about this time in our day they are usually either told to finish up school work or told to go up for their daily quiet room time, depending on my mood :-). Instead, I pulled out the books and said, "Who wants to read?"

Pure, unadulterated joy, people. We piled onto the couch and read them all. We lingered over the fantastic pictures, imagining what we would choose if we were in that bakery, or what we would play with if that bedroom were ours. We didn't rush. We snuggled until all four of us admitted that we were getting sleepy.
It was sweet, special time with sweet, special kids.

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