Tuesday, July 10, 2012

VBS Date Night!

It's VBS week at our church and we're finding that the ministry extends way beyond our children! Greg and I dropped three excited kids off at 6:00 pm and then headed for downtown Pittsburgh with our favorite 13-month-old in tow. We found a great Mexican place in Market Square and enjoyed a walk through parts of the city with our little guy before heading back to pick up Chloe, Max, and Sam. It was so nice to get to hang out together... We never go to the city on our rare nights out because we don't want to waste precious time driving 30 minutes one way! Greg and I actually met when we were working as buyers for Kaufmanns downtown, and after we started dating we would go to lunch and happy hour all the time in the city with our yuppie friends.

It was a luxury to spend a couple of hours together reminiscing over great food and a sweet baby. Three cheers for VBS and all the selfless volunteers who make it happen!

Here's a few iphone shots of two of my favorite guys...

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