Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Chloe!

My little girl is eight years old today! All day long I found myself looking at the clock and reminiscing about what I was doing at that exact moment eight years earlier. Such sweet, special memories of one of the best days of my life. We have started a tradition in our family of bringing breakfast in bed to the "person of honor" on their special day. Last night Chloe gleefully informed us that she would like hot chocolate, pancakes and bacon, orange juice, and a Dunkin' Donuts manager's special. Should I be concerned that my children know what the manager of our local Dunkin's has designated the "special," and that they ask for it by name?

Here's the birthday girl first thing in the morning, getting ready to feast:

She asked each of her brothers for a birthday hug. That's Chloe for ya.

We had a few special friends over for a birthday lunch, and had lots of fun.

After our friends left, Chloe and I headed out for a little "girl time." We went straight to one of her favorite places, the "butterfly salon," and she indulged in a bright purple mani/pedi. What a treat!

Then it was home for pizza, cake, and presents.

Here's her homemade Tangled cake:

Last year my sis and I decided to make memory boards after seeing them on a blog, and I am so glad we did - it has become one of my favorite traditions for each one of the kids' birthdays. It's so much fun to line up all the pictures and see how they've grown.

Here are a few of my favorites from Chloe's:

She and Daddy, on the day she was born:

 She and I on her first birthday:

As we tucked our eight-year-old into bed and watched the sun set on another milestone day, Greg asked me if there were any standout moments from her celebration. I thought for a few minutes. "Really, it's hard to pick a standout," I answered as we walked out of her room. "She's the perfect kid to throw a party for. She's happy and polite and easy to please. She appreciates everything you do for her, and loves the big things and the small things equally." She can never even think of a gift she might like - we have to think of things and then gently suggest that they might be cool things to ask for.

Happy birthday, darling Chloe. Strangers often tell me that you are a beautiful girl, with your long blonde curls and big blue eyes. I thank them and respond that the truth is, your looks pale in comparison to your kindness.

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