Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 1: The Advent Calendar

24 Days of Joy!

This will probably always be one of my first posts, because it is sort of the kickoff to our family's Advent season. I blogged about it here and here over the past few years, and our tradition remains the same. We still read the same book every year, and I hope we always do. The theology in the book is wonderful, and though it's probably a little over the heads of the younger ones, I highly recommend it for first graders and up. This will be our third year using it, and the kids have improved greatly in their ability to pay attention and discuss what they've listened to at the end of the reading. I was talking to a friend about our Advent tradition this morning, and I told her that it actually helps me to be more intentional about limiting the Christmas craziness and saying "no" to activities that will force Greg, the kids, or me to miss this time as a family. I want the kids to see the priority we place on preparing our hearts to celebrate Jesus' birth, and if I'm out Christmas shopping or getting coffee with friends half the time, I'm kinda discredited. 

One more thing - if you haven't started yet, even though it's December 3rd, you're in good company. The Smith fam is just starting tonight too. It's never too late to begin a good thing. Cheers!


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