Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 4: Inexpensive Gifts of Gratitude

24 Days of Joy!

Herewith, a few simple, inexpensive gifts I've loved. 

A little Christmas chocolate, a holiday cookie cutter & a sweet note:

Family sundae night in a box:

Wrapping paper and tape:

For my hardworking tutors this year I assembled a little rejuvenation bag: tea and a new teacup, homemade bread wrapped in a basket liner sewn by my mom, and a little devotional book. My kids received hot cocoa and marshmallows in mason jars from their tutor, and it is already gone :-). One of my favorite gifts of all time to both give and receive is a handwritten note. In the age of emails, texting, and living out our relationships in two hundred characters or less, what a blessing it is to receive the heartfelt sentiment of a friend in their actual handwriting. I'm grateful that I'm finally beginning to learn that expressing gratitude doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Now go thank someone :-).

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