Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Does God Look Like?

We were driving home from a get together with friends tonight when Sam's little voice piped up from the darkness of the back seat:

"Mom, what does God look like?"

Sam is famous in our family for posing these types of introspective questions. Greg and I have recently struggled through the following:

When I die will Jesus come to get me, or will I have to walk?
Are animals in heaven?
Is the neighbor's dog in heaven?
Is there chocolate in heaven?
Where is heaven?
and the unrelated but equally thought-provoking What do clouds taste like- water or cotton candy?

I told him the truth - I'm not sure what God looks like. "The Bible says that He created us in His image," I said, "so however He looks, I don't think it will be a surprise to us when we see Him. It will be like... coming home. To the place we've always belonged, and have finally gotten to."

Satisfied with my insightful answer off the cuff, we settled once again into silence. Then his little voice piped up again.

"Well, I think He has a long beard, a great smile, and beautiful shoes!"

Ummmm... okay.

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