Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look Out Meryl Streep!

To my sweet readers - all three of you - I am sorry I've disappeared from my little blog for so long. We came home from vacation very early last Sunday morning, had a HUGE and awesome Back-to-Homeschool party last Tuesday (more on that later), and started school last Thursday. Life has been full and a wee bit crazy... and I still have a few more posts from the summer that I need to get up before I start documenting our new school year (I get my blog published into book form as our family scrapbook each year, and like to start each new album with the beginning of our school year).

This past summer, Chloe, Max, and Sam took a weeklong acting camp through a Christian program called Saltworks. They had a blast, and Charlie and I enjoyed our mornings at home together while they learned the tricks of the theater trade. Here are a few memories from their end-of-camp recital:

Sam enters from stage right as a bird.

Some are blurry... darn iphone camera.

Chloe's play was called "Chocolatina," and was about a girl who loved chocolate so much that she woke up one morning and was a chocolate bar... pretty sure that screenplay is in Oscar contention this year.

Max was a zebra. Hilarious.

 It was great fun! We'll be doing it again next year for sure :-).

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