Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day on the Town

We've got several very kind, very large, very loud men in our house making paint magic happen this week, so we've been taking advantage of the forced exodus by exploring our new town. We've had lots of sunshine and 85 degree days, and the five of us have had great fun making new friends and discovering cool nooks and crannies all over the place. Our little town, Fairport, has a wonderful village quite close to where we live. It's right on the Erie Canal, so you can watch the boats saunter by as you're walking through the Farmer's market or getting some coffee or heading to the library. 

This gazebo is in the town square, and there is an outdoor concert here every Thursday night at dusk.

No music? No problem.

Huck Finn daydreams. I have two little boys who could spend hours here.

 I had to pull one back over to "our" side of the fence after he snuck through the posts in pursuit of a little adventure. Stinker.

Charlie is entranced with the three little mice outside the library. He insisted on several visits with them before we left. They're his homeboys.

Town Hall. 

Great Day. Great Town. We miss the Burgh, but we love it here!

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  1. Hi Laura! Looks like a great little town! I love little towns.