Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip Friday! Soergal's Orchards

In the middle of May, the kids and I spent a Friday morning and early afternoon with some of our closest homeschool friends at Soergal's, learning all about animals, bugs, and flowers. It was a beautiful day to hang out on a farm. We started out learning all about the names of the male, female, and baby animals that live on their farm.

Did you know that a female goat is called a nanny? 

Did you know a male donkey is called a Jack? 

Did you know a baby bunny is called a kitten?

Me neither! Learning new things every day, people!

After learning about the animals, the kids got to go and visit them. Dudley the giant pig even stood up to greet the kids. I wish I could've gotten a picture of that - he is seriously the biggest pig you've ever seen, and I didn't think the poor thing could actually stand on his feeble limbs. It was equally impressive and gross.

After visiting the animals, the kids sat for a lesson on bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and how they interact with flowers. Did you know that only female bees have stingers?

Me neither! Love it.

After their lesson, we walked up to the potting shed and learned about planting things that will actually grow. I tried to pay extra attention to this part in light of my tendency to kill everything I plant. I picked up some tips and am keeping my fingers crossed for cascades of blooming petunias this summer.

After their planting lesson, they each got to plant their own green bean plant to take home. Chloe carried hers around like a baby and can't wait to see how it grows this summer. Max spilled his in the car. Anyhoo.

Once the learning was over, we all gathered under the pavillion for lunch, and then the kids ran delightedly over to the playhouses and raced around with one another. Some days, learning is a total blast. Today was one of those days.

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