Friday, May 18, 2012

Keeee - Yah!

Max and Sam started Tae Kwon Do last December, and have been filling our home with exuberant kee-yah's! ever since. A few weeks ago they took their very first belt test, the Saju-Jirugi white belt test.

Here they are before the test with two of their best pals from class, Aaden and Nolan.

To take the Saju-Jirugi white belt test, they had to learn a four-part pattern of downblocks, steps, and punches, which they performed for a panel of judges.

 They also had to count to 10 in Korean and memorize and recite their oath:

I promise to obey my parents and teachers.
I will treat others with respect.
I will never misuse what I learn in class.
I promise to tell the truth and keep my word.
I will always do my best and never give up.

and the five tenets: 

After weeks of practice, it was pretty awesome to hear them recite the oath and tenets loud and clear to the judges.

The boys absolutely love TKD. The discipline, self control, and tenacity that is routinely taught in their class is so good for them to be learning at such a young age.

Their teacher, Master Zang, is phenomenal.

They both passed their tests with flying colors!


We are so proud of our yellow-stripes!

Both Max and Sam are determined to become "black belts like Master Zang."

And, seriously, are they the cutest things you've ever seen in these outfits? I can't stand it :-).

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