Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Does a Stink Bug Nibble or Bite?

Lately, Sam has become very interested in whether random animals he happens to be pondering "nibble or bite." I think he first started considering this last year, when he was intrigued with the class guinea pig at preschool and had to be constantly warned not to stick his finger in the cage or the guinea pig would "nibble" it. Suffice it to say, Greg and I have spent lots of time laughing after he is tucked in to bed as we chat back and forth about the various "nibble or bite" inquiries we've each fielded that day. Herewith, a few of my favorites, complete with the answers Greg and I have come up with :

Does a stink bug nibble or bite?  It nibbles.

Does a moose nibble or bite? It bites.

Does a yak or nibble or bite? It nibbles.

Does a frog nibble or bite? It nibbles

Does an elephant nibble or bite? It bites

Does a bat nibble or bite? It bites.

Does a giraffe nibble or bite? It nibbles.

If any of the three people who actually read this blog happen to know for a fact that I'm wrong with any of the above answers, please feel free to comment. I will gladly tell Sam that I need to issue a retraction.

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