Sunday, August 3, 2014

Celebrating a Superhero

Charlie turned 3 on June 6, and we celebrated the following weekend with a family party. He had requested superheroes, so that's what he got! It was a sweet time to celebrate our sweet little boy.

As always, we took a trip down memory lane with a few favorite pictures. I love putting this together for each of the kids' birthdays.

The party started off with a bang... Grammy presented Charlie with a brand new bike!

He love, love, loves his "big boy" bike. 

He didn't care that he was in the kitchen. I did though.
Out to the deck to show Daddy...

Food fit for a superhero and his buddies...

After some food, all the kids donned masks and went on a hunt for Mr. Menace, a villain who looked suspiciously like Greg...

One awesome crew...

So grateful for our sweet new friends.

Then it was time for cake... three candles for this big guy.

I'm quite certain that no three-year-old boy on the planet has a big sister as wonderful as Charlie does. She loves him with astounding devotion. 

And he loves her back.

Charlie was blessed and spoiled by his mates.

Charlie, you are the same delightful boy we fell in love with three years ago. The kids and I literally race each other to your room when we hear your chitter chatter crackling over the monitor after naptime. (I nearly always win, as I am not above clotheslining one of your bros if it appears he might beat me.) After three quiet (albeit restful) hours without you every afternoon, life feels oddly empty for all of us. Daddy and I love your chilled out, surf's up, whatever man attitude, your sweet smile, your determination to hang with the big kids. We love to slick your hair back for church, rock you at night, and watch you march around in your Spidey underpants. We're just so glad you're ours, Chilly. You belong with us. Happy Birthday crazy boy. You sure are loved.

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