Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Sundays

Our town hosts a Sunday night concert in the park each week in July and August.

Tonight was their kickoff for the season, a near-perfect evening of seventy degree weather and red-streaked skies.

There's prancing kids, toe-tapping seniors, and everyone in between. There's old couples dancing barefoot as their favorite song is sung.

We chose this town by chance. We had three days and two nights to find a house. It was winter and everywhere we looked we saw melting, dirty snow and gray skies. So we prayed. 

We prayed for wisdom, for blessing, for good gifts from the One who loves to give them. 

We miss our town. We miss the stadiums and our beloved three rivers. We miss the beautiful, revitalized city, the eclectic neighborhoods that all feel like home, the Steel City pride. We miss our urban church, a glittering jewel of a place in the midst of a concrete jungle. 

But God, in His providence, has us here, and it is well with our souls.

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