Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Half Birthday to You

Max and Sam officially turned seven AND A HALF this week... and I forgot. Who remembers these things? The kids. That's who remembers these things.

So we're celebrating today. As I've added children and responsibilities to our family with each passing year, I've learned the hard way to keep things simple. When I don't, I run out of steam as soon as I inaugurate a new tradition, leaving the kids to sadly reminisce, "Remember the time you rented a pony for my half birthday?" I'm kidding. I'm not that bad. But with four kids I need to keep things simple and inexpensive if I'm going to be able to do them every year. 

This year for the half birthdays we started the pick your own cereal tradition.  This is the ultimate luxury for my poor, underprivileged children, forced to eat the Aldi brand of sugarless Cheerios morning after bland morning because their mother doesn't believe in Fruit Loops. 

Happy half birthday to my rock 'em sock 'em twins. Let the sugar comas commence. 

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