Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Chat with Charlie

On this sunny Sunday, a few of my favorite phrases from the two year old in my life:

Mama, I want to carry you.
Translation: I want you to carry me.

In't that sad?
Translation: I am reporting a grievance to you, such as "Max hit me on the head," or "Daddy wouldn't give me any M&Ms;" after I've told you what has been done to me, I'd like you to concur with the unfairness of this situation.

I need you Mommy.
Translation: The babysitter has just arrived, and I've decided I like Mommy better.

What's it called?
Translation: I'm halfway through the ABCs and have forgotten what comes next.

You need a spank!
Translation: You are not giving me what I want.

Mama, I want to hold you.
Translation: I want you to hold me.

No, I beg yoy pardon!
Translation: I have just been reprimanded for something and I strongly disagree.

It's too dike.
Translation: It's too dark.

I just bifed.
Translation: I just threw up.

Big boys get nem nems.
Translation: When I go on the potty, I get an M&M.

Is that yoys?
Translation: Is that yours?

"The angels are stooping above your bed. 
They weary of trooping with the whimpering dead. 
God's laughing in heaven to see you so good; 
the Sailing Seven are gay with His mood.
 I sigh that kiss you, 
for I must own 
that I shall miss you 
when you have grown."
-William Butler Yeats, "A Cradle Song"

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