Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Joyful Noise

It's Saturday night. Steaks are marinating for dining room date night. Chardonnay is chilling in the fridge. I'm putting groceries away and wiping down the pantry, as it is disgusting and I can't take it anymore. My towheaded toddler just came down in his favorite red jammies to tell me good night. I never want to forget his two-year-old "I Love You." Each word is multisyllabic, as if he's just arrived in America from somewhere in the Mediterranean: I-a Love-a You Mama.

There's so much laughter in our home. I remember years ago, when the twins were brand new and it seemed like someone was always crying. Sometimes it was them. Sometimes it was me. I would wash dishes as darkness blanketed the house, listening to the crying, praying for peace. Now our nights are filled with laughter. Daddy makes everything fun at bedtime, with his patience and servant's heart and hilariously animated book reading

He has made everything beautiful in it's time. 

 I've walked it. It's Truth to me.

Counting blessings tonight - a warm house, four healthy kids, an amazing husband, a faithful God.

I-a love-a you, babe. So glad to live this life with you.

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