Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Porch Play

I had just finished my planks (don't ask unless you too need to tighten up your abs) when I heard giggles and whispers coming from the hallway. The three oldest had been outside playing, and they raced into the basement and returned a few minutes later in costumes I can only describe as... typical. Chloe was clad as the lovely heroine, Max was the sword-wielding knight in shining armor, and Sam was the black-wigged wicked stepsister. When I asked what they were doing, they explained that they are practicing a play that they will be performing on our porch this evening at dusk.

Wish you all were in Rochester and could attend along with Greg, Charlie, and I. It promises to be a work of drama, intrigue, and suspense.

And if the neighbors have not already decided we're nut balls (homeschooling, church-going, and four whole children - all ours, no less!), they surely will after tonight.

C'est la vie!

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