Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Age Gap Fallacy

Greg and I prayed a lot before Charlie came along. Our rock 'em, sock 'em twins had thrown us for about a three-year-long loop, and we were tuckered out. We needed time to get them on their feet and to get back on our own. We spent four and a half years as a happy family of five, and there were times during those years that we were sure this was the way our family would always look.

Lots of people had {unsolicited} advice for us:

This is such a nice little family. The three kids are all so close in age.

Just think, in a few years they'll all be out of diapers and into school, and you'll be free!

Just think, in a few years they'll all be out of high school and into college, and you'll be free!

If you have another one now, the baby will be like an only child.

If you have another one now, the baby will feel like an only child.

Do you really want to start all over again? 

The only advice that we actually did seek was from God:

My timing is perfect.

Be still and wait on Me. 

Have faith that if you ask Me with a heart to do My will, I will reveal My plan for your family.

Seek Me above all else, and I will make your paths straight.

 In October of 2010, we rejoiced on a sunny Saturday morning as two clear lines on a stick told us that God wasn't finished building our family.

To say that our beloved Charles Francis has filled our family with joy and delight would be the understatement of the year. He is adored. And as for that fear that, because he was 4 1/2 years younger than the twins, he would be lonely and left out in our family? Whoever said that couldn't have known how his three older siblings would race down the hall to his room after hearing his post-nap chatter over the monitor, or how his sister would read to him for hours, or how he would be the toughest, most sure-footed kid in the nursery because of the all the tussling with his older brothers.

I have lots of friends who have their children in a few years and really enjoy the freedom that that allows, having all of the kids on the same page, so to speak. But if you're one of those people who decides to welcome a new little bundle into your family several years after giving away the exersaucer and the stroller, take heart. You will be blessed and surprised by joy.

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