Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crustacean Fascination

This past Monday at our Classical Conversations Co-op the kids studied crayfish. It goes without saying that Max was in his glory. He took one look at those dead stinky things layed out on the table and announced that he finally had the pet he'd been dreaming of.

We're memorizing the classification of living things in science, and this week the kids learned the eight groups of invertebrates. They had the exciting privilege of getting up close and personal with these arthropods as part of the learning fun!

Our director stuck them into ziploc bags and lined them up by the door so our kids could bring them home if they wanted. Oh, hooray!

"George" went all over the house with Max, including my kitchen island where I was trying to prepare dinner. As a slight stench began to fill the air, I had to break it to Max that his beloved pet was about to take a really fun ride in the garbage truck.

BTW, the eight groups of invertebrates are sponges, stinging cell animals, flat worms, round worms, segmented worms, mollusks, sea stars, and arthropods. I am increasingly terrified as I discover how little I know. I either never learned these things in school, or I learned them and then promptly forgot them. Either way, I'm not sure who's enjoying this year more - me or the kids :-).

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