Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Annual Homeschool Halloween!

My friend Sarah hosted our second Homeschool Halloween & Harvest party, and it was a blast. I think the grownups had at least as much fun as the kids! I love Halloween. On what other day could you find lions, bears, and elephants cohabitating joyfully? A cowboy and an Indian who are allies, not enemies? A butterfly and an angel flying around the room together? Batman and Spiderman teaming up to fight the good fight? Mario and Luigi busting through the brick wall? Minnie Mouse comforting Cinderella before her nap? An iphone 4 that walks, talks, and play games - sweet goodness, what will Apple think of next? Here are some of the adorable attendees:

A distraught lion who did not like his mane (James)

Mario and Luigi (Jake and Isaac)

Batman (Jeremy)

Spiderman (Max)

A brick wall (Josh)

An elephant (Sam)

A butterfly and Cinderella (Brooke and Bethany)

An angel (Chloe)

An Indian princess (Megan)

A gun-slinging cowboy...

 and hands-down the most creative costume of the morning, the very creative Andy as an iphone 4!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's, ummmm, two superheroes and an elephant. Hey, whatever works.

 We played a fun game, enjoyed delicious food, and made a craft to honor a very sweet little girl who is in all of our prayers right now...

I am so grateful for the friends we've made homeschooling, and for all of the wonderful memories we will have to share in the years to come.

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