Friday, October 15, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Sewickley Library, The Ultimate Pastry Shop, and War Memorial Park

Today's field trip Friday was to our favorite library in town, Sewickley Public Library. For those of you book lovers who have never ventured to Sewickley's library, it is well worth the trip. Their second floor has an idyllic children's section - beautiful windows with views of the changing trees, comfy seats, and (gasp!) friendly librarians who don't cringe when my three year olds bound through the doors with glee and start knocking on the fish tank.  We got out six books on Thanksgiving that we're going to begin reading this week. Next week I'll post a review of the one I think is the best, in case any of my six readers (:-)) want to check it out at the library. I'm really psyched to spend some time teaching the kids about the true history of Thanksgiving this year... it's always just been about dressing up as a pilgrim or an indian at preschool, and I realized recently that Chloe has no idea how this national holiday actually came into being. It's going to be a fun study for our family.

No trip to Sewickley would be complete without a visit to the Ultimate Pastry Shop for cookies. YUM.

We ended our field trip with a stop at War Memorial Park for some racing around the grounds and down the crazy slides, throwing rocks into the stream, and climbing trees. I really wish I had brought along my camera to document the day, but it looked so gloomy that I left it in the car. We take this fun trip often, so I'll make sure I capture it next time.

The sun hid behind the clouds much of the morning and one of the boys struggled with a bakery shop tantrum, but in God's grace the good always outweighs the bad, doesn't it? I'm grateful for a sweet day spent with my kids and dear friends.

"I will greatly rejoice in the Lord.
My soul shall be joyful in my God."
                          Isaiah 61:10

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