Friday, October 8, 2010

Chloe's Zoo Class

On Monday, Chloe and her friend Abigail took the first of four zoo classes that I signed her up for this Fall, and she loved it! This one was all about Amazing Adaptations, and she learned that there are many ways in which an animal's coloration can aide in its survival. They read the book How to Hide a Meadow Frog by Ruth Heller, which we're going to check out at the library to read with the boys since Chloe liked it so much. Her favorite thing about the class by far was that she got to touch all kinds of real live animals as she learned about their ability to adapt to their environments and camouflage themselves. She held a box turtle, a milk snake, and a skunk, and was able to pet a penguin named Mickey.

They spent an hour in the aquarium learning about glass catfish, flounder, butterfly fish, lion fish, and stonefish... all of which have unique coloration that helps them to survive.

It was nice on the way home to bring it all back to God, and to what a creative Creator we serve!

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