Sunday, January 31, 2016

Music Through the Seasons

Last week we were privileged to go to a free concert given by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. It was titled "Music Through the Seasons" and the orchestra played compositions expressing the various emotions one might feel in each season. It was held in the incredibly beautiful Heinz Hall, which is a place that never gets old. My friend Sarah charmed her way into the balcony directly overlooking the orchestra, and of course we all shoved our way in behind her. Keepin' it classy. The kids were entranced with their bird's eye view of these talented musicians playing Vivaldi with gusto. We're beginning our annual six week study of famous composers and the orchestra in a few short weeks, and this was the perfect opportunity to once again ignite their enthusiasm for the gift of music. We finished the day cashing in our Book It coupons at Pizza Hut. As always, a wonderful day with a wonderful crew. So grateful for my people.

A few days after our trip, my sis texted me a picture of my sweet nephew James drawing the orchestra.
Oh, my heart.

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