Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marshmallow Fluff and Overprotection

This morning I found myself staring into three sad faces. We had planned on going to Idlewild, but rescheduled for later in the week when the (always wrong) weatherman predicted rain and chilly temperatures. The faces got even longer when the rain I had told them would come never did, and they spent the morning in the playroom with sun streaming through the windows.

A little before lunch, Chloe listlessly opened up the pantry and saw a half-used jar of marshmallow fluff. She and I had bought it this summer for a recipe we didn't really like, and she's been asking ever since if we could use it to make something else. It is, after all, a jar full of mashed up marshmallows... Why on earth would I not want to use up every last sticky drop? I'm trying to get my lesson plans done before Friday, but in a moment of Spirit-filled parenting (please note- not one ounce of credit can be fairly claimed by yours truly) I pushed my work aside and googled "marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips."

To Chloe's utter delight, my trusty laptop returned a no-bake recipe in three seconds flat, and a late-morning baking project commenced.

The boys returned from the backyard just in time to destroy my kitchen help. Oh goody.

We mixed and rolled and had a lot of fun together.

Despite the mess, I love being in the kitchen with my three musketeers.

An hour in the fridge, and the kids had a delightful dessert after lunch.

On another note, my sister told me about a blog post this morning that I really needed to read about the "danger" of overprotecting our children. Regardless of the path you've chosen to educate your children, I think this is a must-read for parents. Check it out if you have a minute: http://www.itakejoy.com/

"It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life."
John 6:63

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