Friday, October 28, 2011

The Dramatic Arts, Smith Style

One of the things the Chloe loves to do after finishing a book is to act it out, and she often enlists the help of her brothers as supporting actors. Usually Greg and I narrate and the kids act out the scenes.

These are pictures from a few weeks ago, when we could still wear shorts. According to the weather channel, it's supposed to snow today.

We decided to paint a "set" so that we could act out one of the books Chloe was reading about pirates and Cotton Mather called "The Black Flag."

Here's the final product. The actors are about the enter from stage left.

A particularly dramatic moment... I believe this was when Cotton Mather was sentencing the pirates he'd captured. I'm pretty sure he made a face and gesture exactly like the one Sam is making as he sent their sorry souls to the gallows. He may also have been wearing his jammies... but probably not.

Taking their bows. This particular performance received a rousing standing ovation, and only in part because of Max's nerf gun-wielding ad lib halfway through the production.

Postscript: The Tooth Fairy Flies Again...
Our toothless wonder has lost yet another pearly white and gained some green... notice that the tooth fairy also brought Hubba Bubba and candy. These are the things that happen when Daddy is in charge...


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