Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chloe's Zoo Class

This week we headed back to the Pittsburgh Zoo for another great homeschool class. This time Chloe learned all about how different animals use their five senses.  We were excited because we finally had a nice, sunny day! Usually every zoo class it happens to be cold and rainy, so the weather was a special treat and I brought the boys along so that we could enjoy the zoo while Chloe was in her class. 

Chloe had an up close and personal visit with a snake, an owl, and a fox named Hailey. She also was able to see lots of the other animals, her favorite of which was the baby elephant enjoying an afternoon snack of fruits and vegetables.

The boys and I spent some quality time watching lions, elephants, giraffes, sharks, penguins, and fish of every size and color that you could imagine. Our friend Elizabeth was a real trooper and spent the afternoon with us rather than curled up in the aquarium reading her book, which is where I would have been if I were her :-). It was so nice to get to enjoy the zoo with her!

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  1. It was a joy to enjoy the animals together! Thanks for including me in your afternoon...though times with my book in the aquarium are very nice. A good conversation with a wonderful friend is a treasure!